Employees on our payroll

Want to hire employees in Mexico?

Do you want to hire employees in Mexico to service your clients or expand your market, but you do not want to establish a mexican corporate legal presence? Our team of English / Spanish speaking payroll, finance, human resources, and legal staff will handle the employees in Mexico.

Company car / vehicles for the employees in Mexico


Housing for the employee in Mexico

laptop computer and mobile phone against white background

Laptops and cellphones for the employees in Mexico

Our services:

Key points:

  • We charge a one time setup fee and a modest administrative fee
  • We accept groups of 1 to 500 employees for the ‘Employees on our Payroll in Mexico Service
  • The employees are 100% our responsibility – This is not a co-employer relationship
  • We are compliant with all current laws, regulations, and tax tables
  • Our SAT (Hacienda) RFC number is: HRM09005084J0
  • Our IMSS employer registration number is: Z3117200-10-8

We treat all employees "like gold"

In as much as the employees in Mexico will directly represent your company and your interest in Mexico…we do the following:

  • Pay all employees one day early
  • Treat all employees with the utmost level of respect and dignity
  • Respond to employee requests, comments or concerns in a timely manner
  • Ensure that all employee rights and benefits are honored and adhered to
  • Provide all employees with ongoing training and skill building opportunities
  • Offer private, first class insurance benefit programs to the employees
  • Connect employees with our government and private sector contacts throughout the republic if necessary, to assist them with successfully representing your business interest in Mexico (this is done on a case by case basis, under careful consideration)

Mexico Employees on our Payroll - Details: (See Employer Obligations in Mexico section)

  • Weekly, biweekly, semi-monthly, and monthly payroll frequency
  • Provide standard employment contract *
  • Vacation time and vacation bonus tracking / processing
  • Christmas bonus processing
  • Allowances, bonuses, commissions, and special payments processing
  • Process special employee deductions (Private insurance, tools, etc.)
  • Expense reimbursements
  • Overtime pay and reporting
  • Tracking of attendance, sick days, and maternity leave
  • Payment of payroll directly deposited into the employee bank accounts
  • Process and provide the employees with the annual mandated declaration of total compensation and income tax withholding
  • We are responsible for and pay all employer tax obligations and employee tax withholding
  • Responsible for the registration of new employees with IMSS / SUA and the deactivation of employees with IMSS / SUA
  • Responsible for the monthly ISPT / Employment Subsidy employee retentions
  • Responsible for the monthly IMSS employer tax obligations
  • Responsible for the bi-monthly IMSS INFONAVIT / RCV tax obligations
  • Responsible for the monthly state payroll tax obligations
  • Responsible for the reporting to IMSS of injuries / risk assessment and implications
  • Process and provide the employees with the annual declaration of total compensation and income tax withholding
  • We are responsible for and pay the mandatory profit sharing based on the Human Resources Mexico, S de RL profits
  • Provide all employees with all benefits / contributions mandated by the mexican constitution and federal labor law
  • We can help with the recruitment, sreening and testing of the employees *

* If standard contract needs modification to fit your business model / objectives..Additional fees apply
** Additional fees apply

Additional Employee Benefits (available upon request):

  • Private, Mexico medical, dental, vision, life insurance, and funeral expenses (over and above mandatory benefits in Mexico) through METLIFE – Nationwide throughout the republic of Mexico
  • Private savings plan and employer match processing / administration
  • Auto insurance
  • Payroll deducted Nextel Radio and Cell phone plans
  • Payroll deducted Telcel cellular phone plans

Basic requirements for this service:

  • You must have an active corporate entity based in either the USA, Canada, China, Japan, Germany, France, England, or Korea ***
  • Employees must be mexican nationals with up-to-date registrations (Federal Voters Card, Registered with IMSS, and ability to open a bank account in Mexico)
  • All employees must be provided with an employment contract pursuant to mexican law (Permanent, temporary, or per project contract)
  • All employees must have a detailed job description, offer letter, and detailed policies / procedures (if applicable)
  • You must sign a service agreement with Human Resources Mexico, S de RL (Service agreement can be cancelled upon 30 days written notice – certain requirements / obligations apply)

*** We may enter into a business relationship with a corporate entity based in a country not mentioned above on a case by case basis

What is the next step?

  • Contact us for a comprehensive proposal
  • We will send you the proposal within 48 hours of receiving the information needed
  • Check our references and make your decision
  • Sign our client service agreement
  • We enroll the employee(s)
  • We process payroll